Listen to this song (tango)

Listen to this song you inspired me
listen to this song it is for you
you will find all my kisses and my love
my desires of given you my heart...
listen to this song there goes my dreams
shining like the sun of your look
the soft of your skin, it is a silk of carmine
they thight me and are passionated grasps.

In her ... there is night
the moon...with its splendour
the red of your lips is tenderness
... madness to my existence gave me warmth
I swear...with all my soul
which this song contains
the oath of a faithful promise
my heart will always want you

My hours are only to love you
I think of you night and day always more
I love you and I was lack of courage to let you know
and now I am telling you in my song
I am sure there is nobody in this world
to feel such a big love like mine
I carry inside myself and you are where I am
and you are the beat of my heart.

Music: Jaime Wilensky
Written: Jorge Dragone