To my mother (waltz)

There is a voice, sweet voice that always
sounds on me with tenderness
with this way of given and always given
the roses of her soul, and of her love
to feel, she is always after a dream
of a clean blue dream and pure,
God blessed her with a world without shadows
for all modesty of so much love.

My waltz was born this way
will go round for my mother
searching without stopping
a smile and a song
the waltz with whom my voice revived
suddenly thinking
Everything on her is music and happiness
and it is a song wich lead us
by the blues way of a dream
and always, always so
the sound of a waltz, and me happy
with music and words
I give her and it is my waltz.

Music: Jaime Wilensky
Written: Leopoldo Díaz Velez