Where I come from (waltz)

Today I feel homesickness
which brings me closed to the past
images I see
coming back to my mind
they are old memories
that do not die through the years
this pretty little town
so difficult to forget

Snow was falling
endless on cold streets
friday nights
what a fortunate reality
we surrounded the table
with songs and happiness
and were lucky
to live together in peace

Where I come from I wish
I wish to come back again
again to my pretty little town
again to enjoy that yesterday
again those distant days
of my childhood
which I keep longing for
which I keep dreaming of
with all the landscape
who saw me born
I swear on
the more I want
the more I love
I will be crying
I will be carrying
while I am alive
with all my being

But one cruel day, war
came with its frights
and air with hunger
were confused without mercy
we left that town
that had been in our lives
perhaps the most beautiful
good god gifted us

Now I am living
far away from my country
with eternal illusion
one day I will come back
the town does not exist
today only memories are left
with shadows and ghosts
of a time that went away.

Music: Jaime Wilensky
Written: Gregorio Katz