My sister and I (tango)

May be you are right when complaining to me
sister of this bachelor
as old mother went away, you keep punishing me
each time my heart sits up all night
each time I went crazy
and run away from time to space
and come back at dawn and lonely at home
holding back my tears.

I know you do it because you want to help me
and I am here for you, like a son
you open your wings to shelter me
protecting so, of evil
I find in your lap a relief, that old mother
also provided.

What you know about human soul
soul of certain men
after so many fights
we have to give up?
What you know about sadness
to give up ideals
and autumn dreams
that one has to throw away?
If love is impossible
and justice does not reach
if after so much love
one does not want anymore
how I will not sfoil!
through the nights and streets
if love only was a dream
and a dream, was, brotherhood!

Music: Carlos Cristal
Written: Julio Camilloni