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   Raúl Monti

Pianist, author, Composer and arranger, Raúl Monti was part of de Armando Pontier, Armando Calo and Héctor Varela's Orchestras, the "Juan D'Arienzo Orchestra" (conducted by Carlos Lázzari), the trio called "Los rosarinos" (with Eduardo Malaguarnera and Héctor Grimonizzi), performing internationally in Japan, Colombia and Brazil.

At present, he is part of "Buenos Aires Tango" Orchestra (also consisting of the "Camerata Bariloche", the "Standing Orchestra of the Colon Opera House" and the "Buenos Aires Philharmonic Orchestra" musicians), with which he performed in the USA the "Misa Tango" by Juan Carlos Barbará, together with the "Canticus" choir conducted by maestro Alfredo Montoya.
In 1991 and 1992 he made outstanding performances in Italy as soloist.

In "Estrellas del Tango", Raúl Monti made a special performance, in tune with the current times because -in addition to instrumentation- he performed with the electronic keyboard the parts of all the instruments in a "typical tango orchestra": large concertinas, violins and contrabasses, thus making up the so called "Ten-Finger Orchestra."
It was Alberto Lago, a close friend of his, who introduced him to Jaime Wilensky in order to make the arrangements and accompaniments of "Estrellas del Tango", as well as to include his own pieces.


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