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   Andrés Linetzky

Andrés Linetzky is one of the most important tango artists of the new generation. He has studied with Horacio Salgán and Rodolfo Mederos;  graduated of the  Conservatorio Municipal and the Escuela de Música Popular, Avellaneda.

Director of Vale Tango and a member of Tangata Rea and Neotango. He was a pianist at the City of Buenos Aires Tango Orchestra.  He made tours to cities of the U.S.A., Europe, Israel and Japan. He has played with Mariano Mores, Tito Reyes, Raúl Lavié, Fernando Soler, Ernesto Bafa, Julio Pane, Julián Plaza.  He was the Musical Director of Tango X2, a show of Miguel Ángel Zotto. In September 2007, he opened “Tango Baile,” his first musical as Director General.

With Vale Tango he participated in the movie of  Francis Ford Coppolla titled “Assasination Tango” with Robert Duvall. Year 2006 he won the Contest “Osvaldo Pugliese” of the Fondo Nacional de las Artes [National Fund of Arts].  He has recorded with Vale Tango, Neotango, Tangovía, Quinteto Ramiro Gallo and he participated in the record “Café de los Maestros”. He is a guest Director of the Provincial Orchestra of Cordoba and directs the orchestra playing with singer Ariel Ardit.

With  the label Musipak he made the recording  of  the cd¨s “Pasión en Tango 5”, “Neotango” and “Neotango Cromático”; he took part in recording the cd´s  1, 2 and 3 of “Pasión en Tango” and in the series of records 1; 2; 2.1; 3; and 3.1 of “TangoNuevo de Jaime Wilensky”.




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