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   Leopoldo Federico

The famous Maestro Leopoldo Federico is one of the greatest large accordion players of the history of music. He played in the orchestras of Mariano Mores, Florindo Sassone, Carlos Garcia and Astor Piazzolla among others; he and his orchestra accompanied Julio Sosa.

He wrote many instrumental pieces, but he is also renowned for his work as orchestrator and arranger in hundreds of recordings with very famous singers, such as Hector Maure, Edmundo Rivero and Susana Rinaldi. He and his orchestra traveled around the world; moreover he performed as a soloist in the Colon Theatre. In 1999, he was granted the Gardel Track Record Award organized by CAPIF. In 2002 he was appointed “Distinguished Citizen of the city of Buenos Aires”.

In 2003, Under Musipak label, he participated in the recordings of “TangoNuevo de Jaime Wilensky “.

He won the ‘Best Tango Band or Orchestra Album’ Award at the ‘Gardel to the Argentine Music 2005 Awards,’ organized by CAPIF, for his participation in the “Pasión en Tango III” CD including compositions by Jaime Wilensky.

On November 7, 2007, he won the Directive Council 2007 Award by the Latin Grammy Awards.


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