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   José Leonardo Colangelo

Maestro Jose Colangelo has played with the most renown Argentine tango orchestras, including Juan de Dios Filiberto Orchestra, the orchestra founded by Leopoldo Federico for Julio Sosa and Anibal Troilo Quartet. In 1971, he founded the Colangelo Quartet, toured abroad and performed some recordings.

José Colangelo ha been Susana Rinaldi and Valeria Lynch´s musical director, and was awarded his first gold record with the latter.

During his trips to Japan, he featured different shows including “Tango 90” and “Jose Colangelo & his Dancing Tango Argentino”, likewise he recorded six cds in that country. He is a teacher at the Tango University. He performed at “Señor Tango”. In 2002, he took part in the German Tango Biennial Exhibition held in the cities of Heidelberg, Ludwigsburg and Stuttgart. With the label Musipak he recorded “Pasión en Tango II”,”Pasión en Tango III” and “Pasión en Tango 4”.



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